Holiday Engagement 5 Romantic Tips

The most wonderful time of year is upon us. Houses on every street are decked in lights and wreaths to welcome in the holiday season. Some of you may be thinking about giving your significant other an extra special present this holiday season: an engagement ring. While an engagement on its own is an extremely special affair, we have our own five tips for the perfect holiday engagement. Keep reading- we have some fun ideas.

 Holiday Engagement - 5 Tips

Consider a Holiday Engagement

Give the gift of love. The holiday season can almost feel surreal and magical on its best days. People seem to be happier, and in more giving moods this time of year. When you are wondering what to give the person you love the most for the holidays, sometimes there doesn’t seem to be many gifts good enough to say how you feel. By proposing around the holidays, you are taking an already special time of year and adding an even more magical component: expressing your true love. Your proposal should say how you want to spend this and every holiday season with your future fiance. Add a little something extra to your proposal by doing it around the holidays.

Santa put your significant other on the nice list. Leaning into the holiday theme is a fun way to surprise your partner with an engagement they never see coming. Because the holidays are a time for giving gifts, putting a sparkling tiny package under the tree, in a stocking over the fire, or next to the Menorah can be a way to surprise your future fiance with a special memory they will not soon forget.

Surprises are easy around the holidays. The holiday season is full of parties, and reasons to be among friends. If you want to plan a surprise engagement party, doing so under the guise of a Christmas party is an easy way to make sure your friends and family can all be present after you pop the question. Don’t be afraid to enlist the help of your closest friends to make this happen. They can help misdirect your significant other into thinking it’s another holiday party as usual, until you bring out the ring.

Holidays lend themselves towards memories. In the course of a dating relationship and marriage, every moment seems important. Unfortunately, keeping up with birthdays, anniversaries, the date of your first date, the date of your first kiss, engagement, etc., can seem a little overwhelming. If you choose to get engaged close to Christmas, you ensure that the day that you asked the love of your life to marry you will be hard to forget. You will also add a little extra something special to every Christmas moving forward.

Special places are even more special around the holidays. A favorite engagement tradition is to ask your beloved to marry you in the place where you first met, had your first kiss, or some other unique place that is important to your relationship. The best part about getting engaged around Christmas is that most places, public and private, are dressed up for the upcoming holidays. Take advantage of these decorations t

hat are already in place and incorporate them into your proposal. They will add a festive vibe to any pictures that you decide to take on that day!

Whether you have been dating for a few short months or have been married for several years, the holidays are a wonderful time to show the people closest to you how much you love and care for them. If you are planning a holiday proposal, use these 5 tips for the perfect holiday engagement. We promise they will not disappoint!

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