How to Deal With Wedding Crashers at Your Reception


A wedding reception may mean a special event for the couple and their immediate friends and family members. But for some guests, it can only mean one thing: free food and alcohol! And unfortunately, this can also attract wedding crashers to join the celebration. Unless the wedding planner you hired is really good at spotting these individuals, you will have to keep an eye out for them too.

Before you start confronting wedding crashers at your reception, it is best to identify who qualifies as one on your big day:


Yes, children can be classified as wedding crashers. This is especially true if your guest did not inform you right away that they will be bringing their child. And the worst part about having uninvited children at your wedding, is that they can be too noisy when they’re cranky. Additionally, your guest may bring along his nanny to take care of the baby.

In order to deal with this problem, you have to indicate right from the start whether or not you are okay with having children in your wedding. You need to indicate this on your wedding invitations so that your guests are aware of your decision.


Plus Ones

The same issue with uninvited children, plus ones can cause a problem with your seating arrangement. In worst cases, he may even cause a shortage on the food you have prepared.

You can inform your guests right away that you have reserved a seat just for them. If your budget allows it, you can tell them that they can bring a plus one. Usually if they really need to bring along someone as their date, they will get in touch with your planner. It is then up to you to determine if you can afford it.



Remember the movie Wedding Crashers? There’s really no stopping random people from entering your reception, especially if it’s at a public location. You can easily spot these people by seeing how they dress or their actions. If they dress inappropriately or they spend more time at the bar instead of talking to other guests, you can start asking your fiancé if he is aware of whom the individual is. If neither of you know, you can ask your parents. There are really incidents wherein parents accidentally invite someone to your wedding without informing you.

But once your parents tell you that they don’t know the individual as well, it’s time to alert your wedding planner and have him escorted discreetly out of the venue.


You can always deal with wedding crashers in a nice and civilized manner. There’s no reason why you should embarrass them in front of your guests. If you have rented chairs and have some extra food, you can just let them enjoy themselves as long as they do not have any plans of doing something bad.

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