How To Get Your Guests to the Venue

Whether your wedding is at one venue or multiple venues, you’ll need to make sure your guests can get there. While offering guest transportation can be an easy solution, it might not be practical. The best way to ensure your guests arrive at the right venue at the right time is to prepare a map and directions.


You should include a map to all of your venues in your invitation. If you’ve recommended area hotels, you can include these on your map, as well.

If you have a wedding website, include a link to a Google map of the area with your venues marked. This can also help your guests get directions from their homes.

To get your guests from one venue to another, be sure to include another map in your program, or offer special print-outs of the map as they leave the ceremony. Most won’t have their invitation, and it will save a few people from getting lost.

Another way to help your guests is to tell them anything special they’ll need to know in terms of parking. For instance, if they have to look for on-street parking on a busy street, they’ll need to leave themselves extra time.

When you help your guests find your venue, your wedding can run on schedule, and you can be sure your guests will be able to see the fabulous space you’ve created for your big day. To find out more about creating the perfect space for your Nashville area wedding, give us a call today!

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