How to Have the Best Wedding Toasts

One great part of your wedding reception will be the toasts. This is a chance for people to get up and say how much  you mean to them, and offer their congratulations. Of course, to have the best wedding toasts, you’ll need to plan ahead.


The first step is to decide who will give the toasts. Traditionally, this would be the groom, father of the bride, and the best man. You don’t need to stick to these three, but you should decide in advance who will (and won’t) be giving a toast.

When you’ve decided on who will give the toasts, you should determine how long you want the toasts to be. In general, you should keep every toast short and sweet. While you want the emotion and fun of the stories, you don’t want your guests to get bored with long speeches.

The best wedding toasts are prepared in advance. It can be helpful for each toast to be practiced a few times, too. If you want to be surprised by what will be included in the toasts, have another member of the wedding party listen to the toasts to ensure they’re going to be just right for your big day.

For every toast, you’ll also need the right glassware. Champagne flutes are an excellent choice for gently clinking together, but don’t be afraid to have guests raise a traditional champagne coupe or even a balloon wine glass. All of these are available to rent for your Nashville wedding, so get in touch today!


Photo: Flickr/Juan Sanabria

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