How to Start Planning a Tennessee Wedding

You’ve said yes and the wedding date is set…now what?  First things first, create your guest list and choose a wedding location.  Why are these the first things you should do?  Because it allows you to “build” your entire event.  Without knowing how many people are coming and where the wedding and reception will be held you won’t know how many flowers you’ll need, chairs and tables, decorations, food, favors, etc.

You’ll notice via a Google Search that wedding planners highly recommend you “draw” the layout of your wedding and reception area in order to get a better understanding as to where tables, chairs and decorations will go.

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  • Choose your other wedding professionals and give a copy of your “design” to each one.  That way, everyone will know where they’ll need to set up and how much space they have.

Need help choosing professionals?  We can recommend wedding caterers, entertainers, dj’s, bakers, florists and event planners.  Please get in touch and we’ll help bring your wedding dreams to life.

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