Include mason jars into your rustic wedding décor!

Rustic weddings have been very popular for a few years now – but the truth is that they still make for a wonderful choice. If you plan on having a great rustic-chic wedding too, you definitely want everything about it to be amazing-looking – and to do that, you must remember details are extremely popular.

Mason jars and rustic weddings have been “great friends” from the very beginning – but how can you tie the two in a way that’s creative and beautiful? We have some inspiring ideas for you – so read on to find out more.

  • Candle holders. Enlighten your wedding with candles and you will create a stunning, romantic and welcoming atmosphere! There are many ways to use candles and Mason jars together – from painting the jars in your wedding colors to simply decorating them with sophisticated bows. Pick your favorite and use your creativity for some unique Mason jar candle holders!
  • Wedding favors. Edible wedding favors are always highly-appreciated – so why not settle for them? Fill Mason jars with homemade jams, honey, cookie mixes or any other goodies, decorate the jars with custom-made labels and offer them to your guests. They will love it!
  • Utensil holders. Bring Mason jars to your dinner by using them as utensil holders. Use a wide mouth jar to make sure your utensil holder is sturdy enough and, if you want to, decorate it in a way that suits your wedding too.
  • Centerpiece vases. Mason jars are also great for holding flowers – so use them for your centerpieces too. They will add a rustic and “homemade” touch to every table – and this will contribute enormously to creating a truly original décor.

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Photo source: MsSaraKelly

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