Instagram is a great way to announce your wedding engagement!

We all love the Social Media – and regardless of what some people may say, these social networks are all a great way to keep in touch with friends and family who live far from us. Not only can you chat with them and share your everyday accomplishments and struggles, but you can also share some of life’s biggest moments as well.


How to use Instagram to announce your wedding engagement? We have gathered some tips for you to remember – so read on and find out more.

  • Get your manicure done. Yes, it will be worth it. You want that gorgeous engagement ring to really shine in your finger, and having your nails professionally done can help you achieve just that. If you are not a big fan of intricate manicures, just go for a simple French – it will still look really elegant and classy and it will perfectly complement your ring (and your personal style too).
  • Find the perfect backdrop and “scenario”. You can shoot a photo of your hand in nice lighting or, if you want your Instagram announcement to be a bit more spectacular, you can think of something a bit more unique. Having your hand intertwined with that of your partner’s, using cute props (such as a funny mug saying “Does this ring make me look engaged?”) or creating an entire visual story with a series of photos – these are some of the most popular suggestions, but feel free to do whatever suits you and your relationship best.
  • Write down some cute words. A simple “yes” will do, but you can also take the opportunity and show your partner just how large your love is. Be creative, this is Instagram and you shouldn’t feel constricted about anything! The only thing to worry about? Announcing your parents and close friends before the Instagram goes live (otherwise, your long-lost Middle School classmates may learn the great news sooner than your mom!).

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