Keep Your Guests Warm at Your Tent Wedding

We all know that planning a wedding can be an exhausting and exciting experience at the same time. If you have always wanted to have an outdoors wedding, but you worry that the cold temperatures of fall and winter may stand in the way, you should definitely know that there are many options when it comes to this.


How do you keep your guests warm at your outdoor tent wedding? Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • These days, tents come with a wide variety of accessories that will make them absolutely great for weddings. From lightning to actual dance floors, there are a lot of things you can add to your favorite tent – and this includes heaters or air conditioning, depending on the season you choose for your Big Day.
  • If you want your guests to stay warm throughout the entire wedding reception, make sure you choose heaters that are appropriate for the size of your tent. Choosing something that is too small may not be enough for all your guests to feel warm. However, make sure you don’t choose something that is too large either because it may lead to overheating the tent too. Talk to a professional if you are not 100% certain and they will explain everything to you.
  • Also, remember to place the heaters “strategically” around the tent, so that all its areas are properly heated. This way, everyone will feel comfortable and nobody will complain about the cool weather outside.

If you are still searching for the perfect tent for your Big Day, don’t forget to check out Grand Central Party. We offer a wide variety of tents and accessories for rent – so that your wedding turns out as you have always dreamed it to be!

Photo source: Yvette Ilagan

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