Make a Statement with Your Reception Linens

Make a Statement with Your Reception Linens

There are just about one billion things about planning a wedding a bride-to-be has to take into consideration. Even the tiniest napkin and even the most remote of the flower arrangements can turn you into a pack full of stress and negative emotions.

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And yet, every single bit of effort you put into this is worth it. This is your big day and it is natural that you want everything to be absolutely perfect. Take your time, don’t rush and don’t make compromises because you really do deserve the kind of wedding you have always dreamed of.

Your reception linens may not be the first on your list of planning priorities, but they should definitely be there (especially since the linen is going to be noticed by every guests who sits at a table). Also, remember that you can beautify even the simplest location if you choose the right décor for your wedding and, together with the flower arrangements your linens will play an important role.

How do you make a statement with them? Here are some tips on how to choose linens suitable for your wedding:

  • Don’t be afraid to be daring. Truly, everything from sparkly gold to the purest of the whites works. Allow yourself to be creative!
  • Summer weddings work especially well with bright colors, but this is not a rule
  • Winter weddings look very good with dark greens, blacks, purples and silver-y colors too
  • Fall weddings can borrow the colors of the season for the linen too
  • Spring weddings work perfectly with greens and pastels
  • If you would rather play around with the other decorations, choose white or cream-colored linens
  • Make sure you take into consideration the fabric as well and that it goes well with the rest of the wedding décor. You can choose to be a bit non-conformist and to make a real statement by choosing corduroy, burlap or other “unusual” wedding fabrics.

Grand Central Party can provide you with linens you will love. Since we have a very wide variety of them available for your special day, you can choose that which is most suitable for your ideal wedding ideas and for your style. Come take a look and you’ll surely find what you are searching for!

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