Make sure these inappropriate wedding songs aren’t used on your big day!

Music is really important in our lives. Not only is it perfect for relaxation, but it can also create the perfect ambiance at the events we plan – and your wedding makes absolutely no exception from the rule.

Of course, it is essential to create a playlist of songs you want to hear at your wedding. But what are some of the songs that are simply too inadequate for such an event? We have gathered some suggestions for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You. We know this sounds like a very romantic song – and it is, from many points of view. However, if you give it a careful listen, you will notice that although it is focused on romance, this song is more about a breakup than about a beautiful relationship. Definitely not appropriate for a wedding.
  • Police’s Every Breath You Take. Of all the songs in the world, there’s none more laughed at than this one – not because it isn’t a pretty song, but because it can feel very “staker-ish” once you listen to its lyrics. You might want to avoid playing this song at your wedding if you don’t want to send out the wrong message.
  • “A Little Night Music” Broadway song Send In the Clowns. The title should say enough for you to avoid playing this at your wedding. But if you are not fully convinced, we will be honest with you: this is a really inappropriate song and there are many guests who might feel uncomfortable because of it.

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