Make sure you know how to tame your “momzilla” during the wedding planning process!

Your wedding planning process is going to be pretty stressful even without having to face anyone’s pressure on you. But when your mother becomes overbearing and wants to take over the wedding planning (and, implicitly, of the Big Day itself), it is time you learn how to tame her “momzilla” side and get back on great terms with her.


How to do it? How to talk to your mother when she wants to take control over wedding planning? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Talk to her and show her you are an adult. Most mothers become overly worried and overbearing when they feel that their “cubs” are “in danger” (and you going through the stress and anxiety of wedding planning may be perceived as danger by your mother). If that is your case, talk to your mother and show her you are fully grown-up and that you can make your own decisions. She will understand.
  • If you are very close to your mother, she might become overbearing because she feels that she is re-living her wedding day through you. Take some time to separate yourself from your mother and “what would she do” throughout the wedding planning process – but also make sure you don’t fall distant with her either.
  • Pay for the wedding. The best way to make sure you can do whatever you want with your Big Day? Pay for it yourselves! If your parents are putting in some financial effort, they might also have more expectations throughout the wedding planning process.

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