Make Your Wedding Day Easier with a Day-Of Schedule

Your wedding day is exciting, and full of things to do. Your wedding day schedule is more than just the start of the ceremony and reception, though. Having a wedding day schedule can make everything run smoother.

Your wedding day schedule should include times for what you and the rest of the wedding party need to do. This includes times for hair and makeup, getting to the venue, and even a time for breakfast.


It should also include details for your vendors. For example, your caterer and venue will both need to know when the food will be delivered. In some cases, the schedule for your vendors might need to start a day or two before your wedding day, and include any day after tasks.

When you work with an experienced wedding rental company for your Tennessee wedding, we can help you create your wedding schedule. To find out more about scheduling, or what we can bring to your wedding, get in touch today.

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