Making Your Wedding Truly Black Tie

Deciding that you’re having a black tie wedding can be exciting. It means that you’re asking your guests to come dressed formally, and that your wedding day will be in keeping with this type of attire.


When you plan a black tie event of any type, you’ll need to take this attitude into all of your planning. As you think about the venue, decor, and even the menu, picture your guests interacting with them in their full formal attire. Does the mental image work or do you imagine your guests being uncomfortable?

Your black tie event will need top quality rentals, and a top quality space. This can be an indoor venue or a tent, but in either case it needs to be the best possible.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you’re stuck without options. A great Nashville wedding rentals company like Grand Central will offer you a variety of choices that are suitable for the black tie wedding you’re planning.

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