Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

The second weekend in May is always an extra special time of year for moms. And while some holidays can seem a little manufactured (we’re looking at you National Wheat Bagel Day), it is nice to take one day out of every year to tell our moms how much we love and appreciate all that they do. So check out these Mother’s day gift ideas.

Gifts for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This especially applies to weddings. Many times, brides and grooms get so caught up in planning the most important day of their lives, they forget to honor the people who gave them life to begin with. Also, parent presents are not always considered customary in modern wedding planning. This year, we encourage you to flip the script and present to you, just in time for Mother’s Day, gift ideas! While you plan your nuptials, don’t forget who made your big day possible, and show mom and dad the love with these special gifts.

Jewelry is a great forever gift. When we think about weddings, we often think about rings. Engagement rings, wedding bands, all of these symbolize the oath of love that you and your partner decide to take on your wedding day. The beautiful thing about rings, and jewelry in general, is that it is a great forever gift. When shopping for a gift for your mother or father to say, ‘thank you’ for a beautiful wedding, consider a special bracelet, set of earrings for mom; a custom watch, or cufflinks for dad. This way, every time your mother or father wears them, they will be reminded of how meaningful your wedding day was.

A picture is worth a thousand words. One of the best things about weddings? Photos! Whether it’s engagement photos, bridal portraits, or photos from the wedding itself, the pictures that come from your wedding will always be precious. If you decide to give your parents a gift, consider giving them a framed photo from your engagement shoot or bridal portraits that they can have to remember your big day. You can also present them with an empty frame a few days before the wedding with a promise that you will soon fill it with a photo from your upcoming reception.

Personal is precious. When you consider what to give mom and dad on the day of your wedding, remember that the more personal a gift is, the more it will mean to them. Something as simple as a toast given by you and your betrothed at the rehearsal dinner can be a spectacular way to show your love and gratitude for your parents. If you write the toast down, make sure to save a copy of it to give to your parents so they can cherish your words forever. Other great personal gift ideas could be a book the includes special memories with your mom and dad, personalized art work around your relationship to your parents, and even plants that they can plant in their yard to remember your big day forever.

Feature your family in your decor. Marriage is about creating a legacy. When you begin to plan the decorations for your reception, think about incorporating photos of all the people who made your new legacy possible. (Check out this awesome photo restoration project from one bride here.) This can be a great gift to not only your parents, but to your extended family members who can appreciate the legacy behind your personal love story. There are even several ideas out there how to map a family tree style display of your and your fiancee’s extended family’s love stories.

No matter how you choose to recognize your parents during your wedding, remember that a simple and sincere thank you to the people that love you most means more than silver or gold.



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