New Wedding Trends for the New Year

New Wedding Trends

Spice up your Wedding

Trending Now in Weddings

If you and your spouse-to-be are always up for trying new ideas, clearly your marriage will be anything but boring. No doubt you are interested in finding out what’s tending now in weddings; after all, you are at the point of planning a very special day. You want it to be beautiful, memorable and the type of celebration that sparks a lot of excited buzzing among your friends and relatives.

Choosing the Day and Date

Weddings are often held on a Saturday afternoon or evening, but couples are beginning to opt for Fridays. For one thing, Saturdays are always the first days to be reserved so unless you book the wedding and reception locations very early on, you may be disappointed. The good news is that if budget is a consideration, the venues you have in mind may give you a discount for a Friday reservation. Furthermore, if you marry on a Friday, your wedding day may turn into a fun weekend. For example, you might want to plan a brunch on Saturday, which will give you more time to spend with guests who have come in from out of town.

The Intimate Celebration

The smaller wedding has been trending for some time, and more couples are choosing to have family and close friends rather than a large affair. In fact, it is becoming more commonplace for the happy couple to pare down the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. It is not unusual these days to find that the entourage is limited to just the best man and the maid or matron of honor.

Color All Around You

While many brides still prefer pastel colors for their theme, including bridesmaids dresses, the trend is for much more color. Bridesmaids dresses might be peacock blue, hot pink or at least a bright watermelon shade. Grooms are casting aside black in favor of lighter colors like beige or tan and going for suits rather than tuxedos. The lighter colors are a good choice if you are planning a rustic wedding—and rustic is still a favorite theme for the foreseeable future.

Free-Form Flowers

Whether you are interested in a rustic wedding or not, you may want to go with free-form flower arrangements instead of the more traditional structured look. People today are concerned about where and how their fruits and vegetables are grown, and the preference for natural foods grown without pesticides has spilled over into the flowers they choose for both wedding bouquets and floral arrangements. Heirloom flowers are popular as are small potted plants given as wedding favors.

Celebrating Outdoors

Wedding ceremonies and receptions that are held outdoors are becoming very popular. Of course, there is always the possibility of rain, so you either need to have a Plan B or simply decide in favor of a tent. If you have not seen how beautiful a tented reception can be, the staff at Grand Central Party Rental can fill you in. Tents are available in different sizes and configurations, open on all sides or closed, depending on weather and function. A stunning environment can be created with draping, lighting and with the style of chairs and tables selected. You might just start a whole new trend with the selections you make for your fabulous, totally unique wedding day.

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