Office Party Planning Tips

We’ve got a list for you that will help you with that office party you are planning. We know you don’t want to forget anything!

  • What type of party should it be? Company-wide or just the management? Casual or fancy? Employees only, or plus-ones? Should you invite clients?
  • What about your budget? Check with the boss to see what kind of budget you will be allowed before you start planning.
  • Setting a date. Work with your venue, caterer, and bartender to choose an available date and timeframes. You might have to choose a weeknight if weekends are already booked up for most of the people who you would like to attend.
  • Selecting your venue. Available dates might be hard to come by, so you may need to go with an in-home party or have it at the office itself. If your party is going to be larger, you should look at possible venues to rent out for the evening. If the venue is outdoors, you will likely need tent rentals, chair rentals, etc. to accommodate your guests!
  • Choose a hostess or speaker. Make sure this person is someone everyone likes and someone who has a sense of humor. If awards will be presented, make sure this will be done in a respectful and appreciative manner.
  • Picking a theme. This is the fun part. Coming up with a theme allows you to use your creativity. Spring Fling or Winter Wonderland, if the season is appropriate, costume or dance party – it’s up to you. Playing games is often part of the fun, as well. Who doesn’t love the White Elephant gift exchange? Once you have your theme, the decor will naturally follow.
  • Planning entertainment. You may consider a DJ or live band, but your budget will determine your choice here. Perhaps one of the staff has a family member or friend who is a musician, and this can help you save money.
  • Dress code? Formal or casual? Make sure your invitees know how to dress.
  • Sending out invitations. Depending on how fancy this event will be, you can either email everyone or send out formal invitations. Make sure they reflect the theme and the dress code.
  • A holiday menu. Work with the caterer to create the best possible holiday menu, or if going casual and potluck, get a good idea of who is bringing what.

Our Grand Central Party team is all about making your holiday office party the best event of the year. Call us today to begin planning! From tents and china to chairs and bars, we can set you up for party success.

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