Planning the Perfect Corporate Party

January 10, 2019 by Grand Central Party
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With 2018 now come to a close and all of our holiday planning done, it is time to reflect on 2018 and to celebrate on the successes your business and all of your accomplishments. It’s been such a great year in business, and celebrating that fact and the people who make it happen is a great way to open up 2019. Planning the perfect corporate party can be challenging, but if you do it right, it can be the crowning event of the year!

Here are some tips for planning the perfect corporate party.

  • Party Venue. Consider the attendees. You know these people since you see them every day, or you work with others who do. What kind of venue would be best for this awesome staff? A sports bar or a ballroom? Private dining or a theme park? Are they outdoorsy and adventurous? Or maybe they prefer discussing literature and wine. Do some research about these folks and their likes and dislikes as a group and pick the perfect venue. If your corporation is large, you’ll need to plan differently and choose a venue that appeals to the group at large as well as consider chair rental, table rental, and if you settle on an outdoor venue, possibly even tent rental!
  • Food and Drink. This is the fun part. Make sure your menu is eclectic and that it takes allergies and food intolerances into consideration. Have fun with the drinks, too! Offerings for those who enjoy alcohol are important, but so are the offerings for those who do not. And then there’s the dessert table…you can go wild here. Find a caterer or dessert creator that can come up with custom desserts just for your group. Make it memorable!
  • Awards. Will you be handing out end-of-year awards? Make sure these are presented before too much partying is done so that everyone can enjoy the spectacle and truly appreciate their co-workers and all of their hard work.
  • Dancing. To dance, or not to dance. That is often the question. If you are providing music, make sure you choose music that will answer this question in just the right way for your group. DJ or chamber music? Hip-hop or rockabilly? Live band? Acoustic guitar serenades? Lots to choose from.

Here at Grand Central Party, we just love a good party! Whether you need tent rentals or linens, china and chargers,  chair rentals and table rentals, we’ve got it all. Call us today, and let us help you plan the perfect corporate party!

Keeping Your Wedding Day Running Smoothly

December 13, 2018 by Grand Central Party

There’s a reason everyone calls a wedding day “The Big Day.” Of all the days in your life, this one will be top of mind whenever you think about the most important and life-changing events you have experienced. You will want it to be as perfect as possible, with every detail covered, and that means….stress.

Here are some tips to help you keep your wedding day running smoothly:

  • Time Log. Create a schedule for the wedding morning. Hair, make-up, breakfast, and bouquet – all these factors will need to be considered before the ceremony. Setting a timeline for yourself and the bridal party will help to keep everything running as smoothly as possible, ensuring that people are in their designated places when they are supposed to be. Keep a simple time log of suppliers, transporters, and important guests and their approximate arrivals that allows you to keep track at a glance. Don’t forget the contact numbers! This log will be easily handed off to a trusted designate. Which leads us to the next tip….
  • Right Hand Person. Assign a member of the bridal party (other than the maid/matron of honor) to be your right-hand person. They can function as your personal photographer, chronicling the spontaneously funny/touching things that happen during the day and post these appropriately to social media while partnering with the professional photographer to ensure you get all the shots you want. The little details, such as overseeing the time log, as mentioned above, and dealing with caterers, Uber drivers, and your relatives, can be their special domain and will go a long way in helping to tie up any loose ends, allowing you to focus more on yourself and this momentous and wonderful step you are taking. They can also be the point person when it comes to helping you get in (and out) of your dress. This might not seem like a big deal, but think about what could happen if you run into a snag!
  • Emergency Bag. Make a list of any and every little thing you might need, like Tide sticks, a sewing kit, scissors, extra hosiery, Tylenol, Kleenex, extra perfume, emergency phone numbers, phone charger…. We’re sure you can come up with many other items to store in your emergency bag that could very well save the day. This bag can be handed to your maid/matron of honor for safekeeping.
  • Gift Table Officiant. Designate someone to oversee the gifts and cards (preferably someone not in the bridal party), such as a cousin or trusted work associate. They can ensure that all cards and gifts are kept in the proper spot, that they are well taken care of while the event lasts, and that they are properly transported after the reception.  
  • Kid Stuff. If there will be children at the wedding, it might be a good idea to consider some entertainment just for them. There are many different kinds of professional entertainers that are great for kids, from mermaids and princesses to magicians and puppeteers. Adults will enjoy these, too!
  • Focus. Remember what this day is all about. It’s a day to celebrate love and commitment; you are marrying your closest friend. Everything else is secondary.



Congratulations from all of us here at Grand Central Party!

Planning Around a Rustic Themed Wedding

November 15, 2018 by Grand Central Party

Definition of “rustic”:

  • Relating to the countryside, rural
  • Constructed or made in a plain or simple fashion

These days, we are all becoming much more mindful of the beauty of our natural world and just how precious it is as well as being more aware of our need to simplify our lives. Rusticity in our home and office interiors, our landscaping and gardens, and our gatherings is a reflection of that mindfulness, while being more “green” in all that we do is something we know is becoming ever more important.

When it comes to any kind of gathering, celebration, or Nashville event, planning around a rustic theme can be a lot of fun as well as being good for the environment. Here are some ways you can plan around this type of theme:

  • Create a comprehensive plan of your party and all the elements that will be going into it. What are you celebrating? Who will be coming? What time of day? Will there be food, or music and dancing, and do you foresee it being a low-key kind of event, or will this be a lively bunch?
  • Your decor can involve natural elements such as wood, metal, organic linens, and plant life. This will bring the beauty of the natural world into any setting.
  • Eating foods that are produced locally is a responsible way to cut down on environmental damages, and can make for an exciting party menu. Let your guests know that your rustic gathering will include farm to table fare!
  • If your event will be held at night, consider using LED torches, jack o lanterns, covered lanterns, torches, and candles, instead of electrical lighting. While taking care to avoid accidents, of course, you will be adding a timeless feel to your party and saving some energy as well.
  • Consider using tents for your rustic-themed outdoor party. Your guests will be surrounded by the natural world while being out of the elements, and the sides can be drawn up to make the most of the setting. This is an especially attractive feature during a sunset and at twilight, while as the night deepens, your carefully chosen rustic lighting will wow your guests.

Let us know how we can help you create an unforgettable event! Visit us at Grand Central Party and let’s get this party started.

Tips for Planning the Perfect Outdoor Family Reunion

November 8, 2018 by Grand Central Party

There’s just something special and memorable about an outdoor party. Enjoying the ones you love in the beauty of a natural setting brings the event to a whole new level, and the photos of the day will, of course, be fantastic. That is, if the weather cooperates.

Here at Grand Central Party, we are all about planning the perfect event. and we know that when you plan an outdoor soiree for your Nashville event, you will have challenges that threaten its success. You could just move the whole shindig indoors, but where’s the fun in that? Let’s talk about some ways you can protect your outdoor gathering; here are some tips for planning the perfect outdoor family reunion:

  • Weather. Before you plan your outdoor reunion, do everything you can to know what kind of weather you could possibly be facing. If your loved ones are traveling distances to attend, it would be a shame to have your party ruined just because of a little weather. Research the yearly trends and pay attention to unusual weather events that may have happened in the last decade or so in order to be prepared for the very worst.
  • Tents. Using tents either as a backup or as the main base for your celebration is always a good idea since they can protect against sun, rain, wind, sleet, dust, and mosquitoes, and a host of other bothersome outdoor-related things. Rental tents can include sides that are made to be pulled up so that the inhabitants can enjoy all that a natural setting can offer, and many are made of clear materials so that everyone can see the surroundings, even when it might not be great to be out in them.
  • Seating. Take into account the ages of all the attendees, and order enough chair rentals to go around. High chairs can be included for those with small ones, and you can even have couches and loveseats brought in for a casual, desert gypsy vibe. If there will be a catering team, some seating for them to use to rest their feet is a nice touch. Placing your seating in intimate configurations that encourage conversation will help everyone catch up as they reconnect with loved ones they haven’t seen for a while and will be a great touch that ensures your reunion party is one to remember.
  • Lighting. When hosting an evening party, use your imagination for lighting. Sometimes it’s about more than just being able to see. Will there be music and dancing? Make sure your lighting fits the mood, and that your DJ or musicians will be able to see what they are doing. Also, take into account the foot traffic and the safety of the party goers. You can also light up paths and under trees for a gorgeous look.

Here at Grand Central Party, we love a great celebration. Let us help you plan the perfect outdoor family reunion!

Planning a Destination Wedding on a Budget

November 1, 2018 by Grand Central Party

Location, location, location!

Everyone loves surprises, and a wedding proposal is at the top of anyone’s list when it comes to the best, ever. When it comes to planning the wedding and honeymoon and all the costs involved, however, no one appreciates anything unexpected. We all know how pricey they can be, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dream of being married overlooking the ocean or at a special mountain retreat. Choosing some lesser-known locations can really help when it comes to cost-savings, and oftentimes you will enjoy fewer crowds and traffic by going this route. Now that’s something unexpected that would be very welcome!

Here are a few locations that can offer couples some great savings and wonderful experiences all at the same time:

  • Belize. Flight prices are about the same as those that fly to more popular locales such as the Mexican Riviera. Not only does Belize boast some of the most beautiful sandy beaches imaginable, but it also offers lush rainforests, ancient Mayan ruins, and the second largest barrier reef in the world! Belize doesn’t have any expensive mega-resorts; its vibe is more along the lines of eco-lodges and inexpensive inns. You may have to do without WI-FI and air-conditioning, but hey – you can get very reasonably priced lobster, so who needs social media?
  • Vermont. With its quaint villages and scenic landscapes, this state is a wonderful spot for an outdoorsy vibe. Tumbling streams and thick woodlands are picture perfect. It is dotted with cozy inns and B&Bs that are both intimate and cost-effective!
  • Sedona. This stunning red-rock town is home to some of the most breathtaking scenery in the west, and the sunsets simply cannot be beaten. Since it’s off the beaten path and out in the middle of nowhere, although still easily accessible, great value can be found for wedding couples. And just think of the backdrops for your ceremony!
  • Savannah. One of the best-preserved locations in the South, this town studded with gorgeous historic mansions and cobblestone streets is a true Southern beauty. It’s equally as lovely as Charleston, but more affordable for your wedding on a budget.
  • Jamaica. There may not be an international airport, but flying into Montego Bay and taking a shuttle is no big deal! Room rates are reasonable, and beachfronts are an eclectic jumble of fun architectural styles that lend a hip and carefree vibe to each day.
  • Lake Tahoe. Skiing is king here, but there’s a lot of sunshine, as well. Three hundred days a year, or so they say. The area is home to a wide range of value hotels, and there is a lot to do here, too; it’s a great pick for a budget-conscious wedding couple. The lake is stunning, and the hikes available are unparalleled, while casinos are near for some nightlife fun.

Planning your destination doesn’t have to involve a lot of stress and worry. Pick a unique and fun location that others haven’t thought of, and let’s get this party started! If you are looking to keep the party in the Nashville area, Grand Central Party can help with all of your rental needs!