Party Outside All Night with the Perfect Tent Lighting Option

The most wonderful time of year is upon us: wedding season. Every weekend from April until late June are some of the most coveted by brides as the perfect time to get married. Why are these weekends so coveted? One word: weather. No matter what part of the country you’re in, but especially here in Tennessee, by the end of April spring has officially sprung. Beautiful spring weather makes for gorgeous photos, easy travel from church to venue, and the option for an outdoor wedding reception. We think that every bride should be able to have her dream wedding and then reception, where she, her new husband, and all their family and friends can party outside all night with the perfect tent lighting option.

Tent Lighting

Tent Lighting Tips

Tents are versatile enough to fit any wedding color scheme or theme. The best part about using a tent as part of your wedding reception is that they act as a blank canvas that you can paint your dream wedding on. Check out this slideshow from Martha Stewart that features a number of different tent decorating ideas. Pay special attention to the lighting details in each featured photo- every tent uses a different lighting feature. Some have chandeliers, some have simple cafe lights strung from one end to another. No matter what kind of wedding theme you have in mind, you can use lighting to accentuate it.

Different tents can accommodate different types of lighting. If you look back on our website, we go through the different types of tents via draping options in detail. Clear top tents, frame tents, and pole tents are all examples of available tents for your wedding. While you can hang a chandelier or multiple chandeliers in any of these options, some tents are more conducive to certain kinds of lighting. For example, a large pole tent that can accommodate 300 people may look best with a large, ready-to-wow chandelier hanging from the center peak. A smaller frame tent may call for several smaller chandelier hung at intervals throughout the tent.

From rustic to French Romantic, you can rent almost any look you want. Great news! It doesn’t matter if your dream reception is a farmhouse chict themed fete complete with burlap and exposed bulb cafe lights, or a French romantic dream with creamy silk draping and multiple sparkling chandeliers, you can rent almost everything you need to make your dream a reality. Find a truly experienced wedding planner who has connections with local rental firms and can get you the best deal on whatever look are you most interested in for your wedding. Weigh your options and find exactly what you’re looking for in terms of your big day.

Don’t be afraid to mix natural light, candles, and electric light. We love candles. They add such a romantic, simple, and elegant tone to what is already an extremely special day. The idea of a warm, dewy spring sunset mixed with candlelight sounds like the most romantic setting for a wedding there can be. When it comes to centerpieces and tablescapes, make use of candlelight to complement your overhead lighting choices. From taper candles to tea lights, candles can make all the difference in the romance and vibe of your wedding. For more ideas, check out this article from

for some really beautiful ideas on how to mix candlelight into your centerpieces.

Your big day is just that: Your Big Day. You want it to be special, and also fit the romance that you and your intended partner share. Make your big night even more special by being able to party outside all night with the perfect tent light options.



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