Personalize your wedding ceremony with children’s books!

Most ladies can remember how they used to dream of becoming “real-life princesses” on their wedding day. So why wouldn’t you include your favorite children’s book in your wedding? We have gathered some really wonderful, romantic and heart-warming ideas – so if this is something you would like to do on your Big Day, make sure to read on and find out more.


  • You could personalize your favorite children’s story and transform it in a coloring book to offer to all of those young guests at your wedding. This is the perfect wedding favor for the little ones, especially since it will also keep them busy throughout the wedding.
  • Even more, you could actually include your favorite fairy tale in the ceremony too. Ask your bridesmaids to read some of your most beloved passages during the ceremony and they will truly love it! This is a gracious way of including them in the ceremony and of bringing some of your own personality and dreams into it as well.
  • Last, but not least, don’t forget about the fact that you can center your entire wedding on your favorite children’s book. Planning a wedding around such a childish (and yet romantic) theme is a really sweet way to show that deep inside, you are happy that you finally found the prince you have been dreaming about ever since you were a little girl!

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