Photo shoot at the Schermerhorn Center

Working with the Pink Book last fall, Grand Central Party did a photo shoot at the Schermerhorn Center, in Nashville, TN.  There are not enough words to describe how beautiful and enchanting the Schermerhorn is, or how elegant a wedding and reception will be there.

With 11 opulent event spaces designed for maximum functionality and on site full service catering there are few venues in the downtown Nashville area that can match it. Additionally, the Schermerhorn Symphony Center is a non-profit, so couples can feel good knowing that their event helps to support the institutions educational and artistic programs.

For the photo shoot we used White Satin Chair bags for the ceremony. For the main lobby we had Platinum Vanessa China, Classic Baroque Flatware, Majestic Silver Linens with Majestic Pink Napkins and Silver Chiavari’s with Pink Cushions. For the lobby shoot we used Majestic Caribbean linens, Shalimar Satin Venice Linens, Rectangle Appetizer Plates with Gold Parisian Flatware and Martini Glasses.

We’d like to thank the Pink Book along with the Schermerhorn for the opportunity to be part of the fun.

Centerpieces provided by Branching Out Florist.



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