Picking Your Wedding Colors-Spring 2014

We love being able to help our Tennessee brides and grooms outfit the perfect wedding reception.  Color is so important.  It adds so much to the mood of the occasion.  With that in mind, what are some of the wedding colors trending for spring 2014?


It helps to take a look in advance as so much of what you will be choosing from wedding vendors will be available in the latest and most popular colors.  For a sneak ahead we took a look at what Pantone is introducing for this coming spring.

By taking a sneak peak for yourself you can see that there will be lots of room for variety.  It looks like there will be wedding items available in colors to fit every taste.  It seems that by combining 2 of the colors for your wedding theme the possibilities for individualizing your wedding seem endless.

So no more do we need to limit our wedding colors to just a few acceptable and safe colors.

  • Take a look at the new Dazzling Blue they are introducing.
  • And Orange!  Yes, a delicious tangerine based color called Celosia Orange.
  • And for those who want to play it more safe there is a Placid Blue.
  • Even the neutrals have been updated from the old traditional white or black.

So take a look and choose what you like.  Dream Big!  When it comes time to outfit your reception and have enough tables to decorate with your color choices, Grand Central Party will be here for you.

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