Pine trees will add that elegant touch to your Winter wedding!

Winter weddings are whimsical and magical. They bring to life the most beautiful fairy tales and the most amazing love stories. They are unique, full of grace and, above anything, they are truly and utterly elegant as well.

If you want your Big Day to be really fabulous, complement it with pine trees. This is a wonderful motif to include in your winter wedding décor – and there are many ways to do it too. Following, we have gathered some of the most beautiful ideas to help you incorporate pine trees into your Big Day’s décor – so read on if you need some inspiration.

  • On your invitation suite. Include a few branches of pine trees on your wedding invitations’ design and they will look absolutely fabulous. We suggest a beautiful shade of blue, some pure white and the green given by the pine tree branches for an elegant invitation suite your guests will surely love.
  • In the bouquet. Combine your favorite flowers with pine tree branches and berries to create a winter wedding bouquet that’s truly gorgeous. The green in the pine trees works with a wide range of other colors (and not necessarily just with red), so don’t be afraid to be creative!
  • For the cake. Decorate your wedding cake with fresh pine tree branches and it will look so unique! Both frosted cakes and naked cakes look great this way, so you shouldn’t worry about anything.
  • In the centerpieces. Create fabulous wedding table centerpieces with pine tree branches, flowers and a gorgeous candle in the middle. It will look really wintery and it will give your tables a very natural, rustic accent that’s really stylish.

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Photo source: Just Another Wretch

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