Planning a Fourth of July Wedding Theme

Has this week’s holiday left you inspired for your wedding? If you’re thinking about planning a Fourth of July theme for your wedding, here are some of our tips for making it perfect.


  • Fly the flag, or not: An Independence Day theme can work whether or not you include the flag. If you want to make things a bit different, consider a more decorative style, or an older version of the flag. Stars and stripes can also be used in non-flag ways, to give a nod to the flag without using it.
  • Keep the essence of the holiday: When working with any holiday theme, you want to make it clear it’s still a wedding. Apply the theme in creative ways, without overdoing it.
  • Choose the right rentals: Whether you’re going for a relaxed barbecue feel or a formal Fourth party, you’ll need to choose the right rentals for the event style.

If you’re planning a Fourth of July themed wedding and are looking for the best Nashville wedding rentals, give us a call today!

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