Planning Around a Rustic Themed Wedding

Definition of “rustic”:

  • Relating to the countryside, rural
  • Constructed or made in a plain or simple fashion

These days, we are all becoming much more mindful of the beauty of our natural world and just how precious it is as well as being more aware of our need to simplify our lives. Rusticity in our home and office interiors, our landscaping and gardens, and our gatherings is a reflection of that mindfulness, while being more “green” in all that we do is something we know is becoming ever more important.

When it comes to any kind of gathering, celebration, or Nashville event, planning around a rustic theme can be a lot of fun as well as being good for the environment. Here are some ways you can plan around this type of theme:

  • Create a comprehensive plan of your party and all the elements that will be going into it. What are you celebrating? Who will be coming? What time of day? Will there be food, or music and dancing, and do you foresee it being a low-key kind of event, or will this be a lively bunch?
  • Your decor can involve natural elements such as wood, metal, organic linens, and plant life. This will bring the beauty of the natural world into any setting.
  • Eating foods that are produced locally is a responsible way to cut down on environmental damages, and can make for an exciting party menu. Let your guests know that your rustic gathering will include farm to table fare!
  • If your event will be held at night, consider using LED torches, jack o lanterns, covered lanterns, torches, and candles, instead of electrical lighting. While taking care to avoid accidents, of course, you will be adding a timeless feel to your party and saving some energy as well.
  • Consider using tents for your rustic-themed outdoor party. Your guests will be surrounded by the natural world while being out of the elements, and the sides can be drawn up to make the most of the setting. This is an especially attractive feature during a sunset and at twilight, while as the night deepens, your carefully chosen rustic lighting will wow your guests.

Let us know how we can help you create an unforgettable event! Visit us at Grand Central Party and let’s get this party started.

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