Planning the Perfect Corporate Party

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With 2018 now come to a close and all of our holiday planning done, it is time to reflect on 2018 and to celebrate on the successes your business and all of your accomplishments. It’s been such a great year in business, and celebrating that fact and the people who make it happen is a great way to open up 2019. Planning the perfect corporate party can be challenging, but if you do it right, it can be the crowning event of the year!

Here are some tips for planning the perfect corporate party.

  • Party Venue. Consider the attendees. You know these people since you see them every day, or you work with others who do. What kind of venue would be best for this awesome staff? A sports bar or a ballroom? Private dining or a theme park? Are they outdoorsy and adventurous? Or maybe they prefer discussing literature and wine. Do some research about these folks and their likes and dislikes as a group and pick the perfect venue. If your corporation is large, you’ll need to plan differently and choose a venue that appeals to the group at large as well as consider chair rental, table rental, and if you settle on an outdoor venue, possibly even tent rental!
  • Food and Drink. This is the fun part. Make sure your menu is eclectic and that it takes allergies and food intolerances into consideration. Have fun with the drinks, too! Offerings for those who enjoy alcohol are important, but so are the offerings for those who do not. And then there’s the dessert table…you can go wild here. Find a caterer or dessert creator that can come up with custom desserts just for your group. Make it memorable!
  • Awards. Will you be handing out end-of-year awards? Make sure these are presented before too much partying is done so that everyone can enjoy the spectacle and truly appreciate their co-workers and all of their hard work.
  • Dancing. To dance, or not to dance. That is often the question. If you are providing music, make sure you choose music that will answer this question in just the right way for your group. DJ or chamber music? Hip-hop or rockabilly? Live band? Acoustic guitar serenades? Lots to choose from.

Here at Grand Central Party, we just love a good party! Whether you need tent rentals or linens, china and chargers,  chair rentals and table rentals, we’ve got it all. Call us today, and let us help you plan the perfect corporate party!

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