Planning Your Wedding Before Getting Engaged

The big trend in wedding planning at the moment seems to be planning before getting engaged. Two surveys this year have shown that around half of all women begin planning before they get engaged.


Part of the trend is to get a lot of the planning out of the way early. This includes deciding on the style and type of wedding you want. Of course, the actual wedding may vary. Your fiance (or future fiance) might have very different ideas about the wedding details.

Some brides do go further and make some wedding purchases, such as a wedding dress. For big items, though, such as booking a venue or lining up rentals like tents, you will need to have a date set.

Once you have a date set, it will help to have ideas in mind. Of course, your wedding planning will be much easier when you work with excellent wedding vendors. If you’re starting your Tennessee wedding planning, get in touch to find out what we can offer.

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