Planning Your Wedding Ceremony Seating

As you plan your wedding, the most important part will be the ceremony. After all, this is where you will actually be married. Your guests will need seating for this, and planning the seating can help things go more smoothly on the big day.

Choosing the right chairs is the first step to great seating. Find a chair that will be comfortable for guests and that is right for the venue. This includes giving consideration to the ground surface, whether it is an outdoor wedding or indoor wedding.


Good seating also requires planning for where guests will be directed to sit. Whether you have a traditional groom’s side and bride’s side or ask guests to all mingle, you should have ushers or signage to instruct guests as they arrive.

How you choose to lay out your chairs can also have an impact on how guests experience your wedding. Your Nashville wedding rental company can help you determine what is best for your wedding, including how many chairs you should have per row and how best to arrange them on site.

To find out more about ceremony seating, or to find out about the many seating options we offer for your Nashville wedding, give us a call today!


Photo: Flickr/Seth Anderson


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