Please your guests with these beautiful wedding reception table ideas

Everything about your wedding needs to be perfect – and not because anyone will judge you if you choose mismatching napkins or if your flowers are not the most expensive ones on the market, but because this is your Big Day. It is the one day when you really want everything to flow smoothly, when you want to feel like a true royalty and when you want to step into your new life with a huge smile on your face.

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How to please your guests with some of the most beautiful wedding reception ideas? We have gathered some inspiration for you – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Choose your color scheme. This is one of the first steps to make if you want your wedding décor to look picture-perfect. Depending on the season outside and on your preferences, there’s a myriad of options available out there – so the hardest thing will be to decide on just a couple of colors. Think of the vibe you want your wedding to have, think of the message behind it and think of the colors you like the most and you will definitely be able to narrow down your options to a handful few at least.
  • Think outside of the box. Forget about white table linens and dull tableware. Be creative and decorate your wedding tables with linens that are colored, textured or patterned. Your guests will love your touch of uniqueness!
  • Choose the perfect centrepieces. Same as with the table linens and the other elements on the table, you should make sure to choose the centrepieces that really represent your personal style. Opulent flower arrangements work fantastically for elegant weddings, but there are many other variants you could settle for – so don’t limit your creativity!

Here at Grand Central Party, we want your creativity to feel free when creating the perfect wedding décor. We want you to be truly and amazingly happy on your wedding day. And we want your décor to really represent your love story. This is precisely why we have gathered some of the most beautiful and unique wedding rentals out there – so give us a call and come take a look if you are looking for tableware, glassware, wedding tents or any other wedding rental item!


Photo source: Wedding Photography by Jon Day

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