Preparing for a Spring Festival

Spring has always been a time to celebrate. We enjoy being able to step back outside to revel in the weather again as the atmosphere warms and are thankful that our natural surroundings are flourishing – trees and flowers budding, birds nesting, and green everywhere. The season is just perfect for a spring festival. 

Spring gatherings can be intimate or accommodate larger groups, and they can include games, music and dancing, food and wine tasting, and arts & crafts. The sky is the limit when you are planning your spring soiree, and the Grand Central Party team is here to help you organize it all. 

When it comes to the venue and accessories, you can give your creativity full reign. A party tent would be a perfect choice for a spring festival, for example – instead of trying to find natural surroundings for your venue, you can just take your venue to your chosen natural surroundings! A tent can be set up in the middle of a field of wildflowers or on the top of a hill, under shade from trees or by the side of a stream. Just think of all the possibilities!

If your festival begins in the morning, the sides of your party tent can be lifted to enjoy the early morning freshness and sunshine. If you scheduled your party to begin later, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful sunset and twilight and then lower your tent sides to embrace interior warmth. Alternatively, you can set up some firepits (at a safe distance, of course) and enjoy the beauty of firelight from the comfort of your tent while cuddling up on comfy overstuffed chairs. Some tent styles include transparent panels that allow you to see the stars!

Another advantage of holding your festival in a tent is that you will always have protection in case of a spring shower or breezy conditions, so you need never worry that the weather will ruin your event. 

Here at Grand Central Party, we love a celebration! We offer all the accessories you will need to make your spring festival a success, from chairs of all sizes and styles to fine china, rustic dinnerware for a country atmosphere, and everything in between – think lighting, decor, tablecloths, napkins, and other linen, and more! No matter where your dreams take you, we can help you to create the perfect event. Call us 615.868.3747 today and let’s get your party started!

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