Preparing for a Winter Wedding

The winter wedding palette is unparalleled. Those pristine snowy whites complemented by the jeweled tones of evergreen and holly, blown glass ornaments, stained glass windows, and the glow of firelight that we associate with the colder months all make for a visually unforgettable nuptial celebration. They encourage us to bundle up and surround ourselves with soft and comfortable textures and fabrics. The Danish have a word for it: hygge. It means “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being,” and that quality can lend a unique feel to your winter wedding. 

Today, we’re sharing a few inspirational ideas for you as you plan your event:

  • Go cozy. Add warmth and coziness to your wedding by layering textures like velvet and plaid, whether it be with pillows and blankets to keep your guests warm or for chair coverings and table runners. 
  • Candles and Fires. Light it up! Safely add candles wherever you can, and if you can hold your event in a venue with a fireplace or two, the more the better. Firepits and bonfires can be perfect for many receptions, as well. Designate a responsible guest or two (who don’t plan on drinking anything except the toasting glass) to oversee these larger fire features to ensure safety. 
  • Go for Gold. When it comes to your table settings, use gold. This warm, yet dramatic, metal is the perfect complement to all the colors of the season. 
  • The Flowers of Winter. A statement bouquet with large tropical blooms isn’t going to be right for a winter wedding. Take advantage of the deep, textural greens and tiny winter blooms of the season. Use suspended evergreen garlands to transform your interior spaces, whether you are in a building or a custom tent. These add a wintry, forest-like feel, and you can add tiny fairy-lights to enhance the ethereal look. They are aromatic, too, so the sense of smell is engaged, and guests experience the scents of the outdoors while they celebrate in a cozy indoor space.
  • The Great Out (and In) Doors. Don’t shy away from an outdoor ceremony, even during the coldest months. A winter wedding allows you to hold an event that can be both in and out of doors. Your ceremony can be out in the open, and your reception can be held in a cozier location, like a custom tent that is installed and decorated specifically with you in mind. Very “hygge”!

Throughout the year, we have all the necessities and accessories you could possibly ask for when it comes to planning your perfect wedding. From tents and stanchions to tables, chairs, and everything in between, here at Grand Central Party, we have it all. Let’s get your party started!


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