Prom Trends 2018: Velvet is Back in a Big Way

Can you feel it? Warm breezes are beginning to peek around the edges of the afternoon and daylight savings time is just a few days away. That’s right: spring is upon us. Spring weddings are so much fun, but if you’re a high school student, or a parent of a high school student, you know that spring can mean only one thing: prom. We published a post a few weeks ago about tents and prom, but that’s honestly the boring stuff from an attendee’s perspective. Prom is about making a splash with your dress, your date, and your dinner plans. The big news? Velvet is back in a big way for these 2018 prom trends, along with low-back dresses and fancy accessories. Read on for more ideas on Prom Trends in 2018 and make this

Prom Trends 2018

Prom Trends 2018

the most magical night of your dreams.

We said it once, we’ll say it again: VELVET! This year, as you look around for dresses and accessories, channel your inner 1990s’ child and embrace the soft feeling of velvet. From flowing velvet gowns, to beautiful velvet chokers, gloves, and shoes, this amazing fabric is going to be all the rage. And don’t forget about the men in your life. Velvet bowties and cummerbunds can make his suit or tuxedo stand out. For best results match your velvet to his and make your prom photos pop.

Get into metallics or get out! Momma always said that your fingernails and toenails should match, but this doesn’t have to be this case for your 2018 prom. Metallics are in, especially for nails. Consider a shining silver, gold, or metallic red to compliment your gown. We are also in love with metallic hair accessories that can fit flawlessly into any updo or hairstyle. If you are on the prom-planning committee, consider adding some metallic decor to the overall look of your event. It can add a special shimmer that your attendees are sure to remember. And while velvet doesn’t generally come in metallics, there are a lot of fun ways to combine the two different looks and make them work together. For example, a velvet gown with metallic shoes: Yes!

Up-dos, Up-don’ts, and oh! just wear your hair down. The one thing that completes a look for prom better than any date or catchy handbag is the perfect hairstyle. You may spend hours researching the perfect updo, complete with braids and waves and a velvet tiara. Don’t let your well-chosen updo turn into an up-don’t. This year, consider changing up a traditional prom hairstyle for something a little funkier and less traditional. Your parents may have questions, but this is the perfect time to put that pink stripe in your hair you have always wanted. Just tell them that it matches your dress and it will wash out within a week. Besides, you’re only seventeen once.

Your shoes were made for walking, and also, dancing. For hours. If you’re wearing a full-length gown on prom night, you may not be worried about your shoes or maybe you are. Take it from us that the one thing you should be worried about on prom night are your shoes. Prom is, after all, one big dance party. You don’t want to spend the night sitting on the gym bleachers because your feet hurt. When choosing shoes, consider heels that are fun and foot friendly. And if you look around long enough, you may find the perfect pair of velvet shoes to perfectly match your dream dress.

No matter what your plans for Prom 2018 are, remember it is a night to stay safe and have fun. We hope that you are able to find all of the perfect velvet (because it is back in a big way) accessories. And that you feel like the princess you are headed to her dream ball.


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