4 Reasons to Hold Prom Under a Tent

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Prom Under a Tent

Whether you’re a high school administrator, teacher, or a parent with children in high school, you know how important prom is to the students who attend. Spring may still be a few months away, but you know that most students are looking forward to this annual event (and may even be shopping for dresses, and looking for dates). This year, we suggest four reasons to hold prom under a tent this year. How do you do this, you may ask? Instead of simply hanging a series of aluminum foil stars from the ceiling of the gymnasium, rent a series of clear-top tents and move one of the most anticipated high school parties outside.

Here are four good reasons why you should consider holding prom under a tent:

  1. Give the kids the surprise of a lifetime. Prom is a highly anticipated event among almost every demographic of young people. In fact, some students consider it an important rite of passage when making the transition from high school to college. Instead of decking out the gym, or renting a local venue, consider putting some tents on the lawn of the school, and draping them with shimmering fabrics. By taking the party outside, you take it up a notch and will give the students a night they never forget.
  2. The venue comes to you. It’s true that all schools may not have the ability to host an event like prom on their grounds, but if you do, you simplify cost, time, and effort to move staff and decorations across town to a rented space. By having tents come to you on the school’s grounds, you can create an atmosphere you students will not forget, while keeping the party close to home. This can allow you to feel confident about where you are putting the party on, and the parents will be familiar with where to find their students.
  3. Tents are extremely versatile. A party tent can serve a number of purposes and can be decorated in a number of different ways. By having one tent for dancing, one tent for photos, and another for snacks and tables and chairs, you can create the illusion of multiple rooms to your event, while still enjoying the outdoors. There are also multiple tent options, from clear top tents to large marquee tents. No matter the size of your student body, you can find a tent to match your needs.
  4. Draping is a must. No matter what theme your prom committee settles on, you can find a drape to match it. From sea green drapes for an “Under the Sea” theme, to dark red ones for a “Game of Thrones” fete, there is an almost infinite number of ways to customize with drapery. The same can be said with additional details, like tables, chairs, and even dance floors. There are so many ways to add texture and color to a tent, no two hardly look the same. We are especially fond of the gauzy lace draping for royalty themed proms.

You have the ability to keep a watchful eye. Chances are, most of the tents you can find are the same size or smaller than your average ballroom space. By cutting down on the amount of room your students have to move around, you allow for your staff and chaperones to keep tabs on the kids as they have the time of their lives. With several options for putting sides on a tent, you can even close it off so that it becomes an enclosed space.

No matter what decision you make regarding prom for your students this year, we are sure it will be a night to remember. Who doesn’t love a chance to grab date, put on some fancy clothes and dance the night away?

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