Relax on your honeymoon by planning it perfectly!

With all the fuss of planning a wedding, it’s really no wonder why so many couples want to simply “escape” once everything’s done. And the honeymoon is the perfect excuse for doing this. How to plan for the perfect honeymoon, though? Here are some tips to help you out:


  • Ideally, you should start the honeymoon planning 6 months before the wedding. Set a budget for the honeymoon, search for a travel agent, settle on a particular destination and on a particular package, think of the ways in which you can save money and book/reserve all the things you will need in your vacation (the hotel, the car rental, and so on).
  • With about 3 months before the wedding you should already know very well where you are going and you should have made the reservations as well. This is the time to obtain passports (if necessary) and to consider the option of buying a travel insurance policy (helpful if either of you has health problems, if you are worried about your safety or if you are afraid that the weather may ruin your honeymoon).
  • Two months before the wedding you should start making reservations for those little activities that will keep you entertained during the honeymoon. Also, one month before the wedding/honeymoon you should make sure to make a shopping list with all the things you will need on holiday, to reconfirm the reservations and to visit the doctor if you need to.
  • The last couple of weeks before leaving should be dedicated to picking up the airline tickets, exchanging money in the local currency (about $50 in small bills should be enough to get you from the airport to the hotel), packing everything and making sure all documents are photocopied and well-hidden in your luggage and handbag too.

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