Seat your guests uniquely with these wedding ceremony seating arrangements:

The wedding ceremony seating arrangement does matter a lot. In fact, it matters so much that it can make or break the entire wedding. How to seat your guests the best way? Grand Central Party has brought together some unique, creative wedding ceremony seating arrangements – so make sure to read on if you want to inspire yourself.


  • Mismatched chairs. Who says you have to match your ceremony seating to perfection? If you want to bring a touch of playfulness and fun into the ceremony, you can always choose chairs that look completely differently. From vintage-looking to fun-colored and to simple elegant white chairs, everything works. Use your creativity and you’ll surely come up with the kind of seating arrangement your guests will not forget very soon.
  • Semi-circles. You don’t have to arrange the chairs “in straight lines” either. In fact, a semi-circular (theatre-like) arrangement will look really beautiful in the pictures. Even more than that, it will offer all of your guests with a much better view of the entire ceremony too.
  • Hay bales. Planning a rustic/chic wedding? Hay bales are almost a “must” in the décor – so why not create “chairs” out of them? To make your guests feel comfortable during the ceremony (and to add style to the décor), cover your hay bales with colorful blankets (they can be of the same color or, if you want to be playful, they can be of different colors as well).

If you are searching for ceremony seating options, make sure to visit Grand Central Party. We have a lot of wedding rentals in store for you, so it’s nearly impossible not to find something you truly like here! Contact us, pay us a visit and get the best and most unique wedding rentals out there – they will definitely help you plan a truly unique wedding!

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