Simple Tips to Save Money on Alcohol for Your Wedding Reception

When not planned carefully, your wedding expenses can turn out to be a problem for you. This is why having a planner help you take care of organizing your wedding can be a big help. You can also get help in saving money during your wedding. One way you can do so, is to limit the number of alcoholic beverages being served at your reception. Here are a few tips on how to reduce costs for your wedding bar:


·      Opt for a morning or midday reception. This way, you can serve a fruity cocktail and your guests will not want to drink too early of the day. You can also have a Sunday wedding reception so that your guests will restrain themselves from drinking too much, knowing they have work the next day.

·      In a seated dinner, close the bar and just serve wine and soft drinks. This can be a great way you can save on costs as you don’t need to spend too much on the alcoholic beverages.

·      Know your guests. Be aware of how much your friends can drink and consult with your caterer on how you would like to be charged for the drinks they consume—whether a ‘by consumption’ plan or on individual drinks.

·      Brief your catering staff on some very simple tips to help save costs on your alcoholic beverages. They should refrain from pre-opening bottles, scooping up half-full drinks, or automatically pouring wine in a glass. By avoiding this, you can save a lot of money on wastage.

·      Replace champagne with water on the toast. Not everyone drinks champagne and to make things worse, not everyone finishes the glass of champagne they are served. You can also have your caterer make a quick survey on which guests would like to have champagne during this part of the night. This way, you can save money on unused champagne.

Make sure you carefully plan each part of your wedding so that you can cut down on costs. Call us today to learn more about how we can help make your reception more attractive with your chosen wedding theme through linens, tables, and tent rentals.


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