10 Ways to Splurge on Small Party Rentals: It’s All in the Details

Small Party Rentals

Spice up your Party

Smaller, intimate parties can truly be some of the most extravagant celebrations, from a springtime baby shower to an afternoon garden party. Find out which party rentals can make your event a blowout.

You have an opportunity to really elevate a small party by splurging on “extras” like chandeliers and silver tea service. There’s something quite special about taking time to consider even the smallest of details; your guests will appreciate every bit of it.

Plus, your photographer can capture the energy of an event by showcasing all those thoughtful details, like your table settings accented with rose petals and glittering vintage string lights overhead.

We have compiled 10 Ways to Splurge on Small Party Rentals for those of you planning an intimate celebration, dinner party, baby shower, and everything in between:

  1. Set the tone with an invitation. Perhaps your party calls for an invitation with a gold foil stamped border or martini glasses sketched over a watercolor background. Whatever the case may be, Paper Source has a design to suit every party style, so spend some time and select one that best represents your vision for the celebration.
  1. China adds a touch of elegance to any event, especially intimate gatherings. Top a handcrafted farm table with mismatched vintage china and Arezzo Brushed Gold flatware for an ethereal feel. We absolutely adore this Whimsical Birthday Brunch. Pair with beaded chargers and reversible majestic linens for added style.
  1. Surprise your guests with a dance floor at your backyard barbecue. They won’t be able to resist a boogie (or two) to their favorite songs. Position some Elio benches and tables nearby, so friends and family relax while they watch others do the Cha Cha Slide. Besides, if they’re seated nearby, they’ll be more likely to be pulled onto the dance floor.
  1. Brighten your party décor with live floral arrangements. Mix brightly-colored peonies in a silver punch bowl and display as a centerpiece for your table, or set single-bud vases at each place setting with a single flower. Bonus points if you personalize the flower to each guest.
  1. Add a crystal chandelier to your event for an instant glam-factor. Choose from soft and sweet crystal to traditional wrought iron, depending on your party’s feel. This Royal Princess High Tea Garden Party featured floral accents to the chandeliers that, coupled with linens and draping, really transformed the outdoor venue.
  1. Regardless if the party is being catered or you’ve decided to cook everything yourself, opt for tiered or plateaued serving stands. Not only will it add height to the food table, but the overall presentation is so much nicer than disposable party trays. Remember, nobody likes lukewarm food, so be sure to keep food hot in style with presentation or copper chafers.
  1. If you want to highlight the event’s signature cocktail, consider providing a real bar suited to your party’s style. At the very least, incorporate bourbon barrels into your Derby-themed party for an authentic Mint Julep-fueled celebration. Or, if you’d prefer to pre-mix party punch, be sure to serve it in a glass beverage dispenser. And if you plan to offer after-dinner coffee, dress it up in a silver coffee urn with a matching cream and sugar set.
  1. From multi-colored streamers to floral garland, no party is complete without the perfect backdrop. It may be positioned behind the food table or at the entrance to your party so guests can pose in front of it for pictures. Some of you may be natural DIY party planners and can’t wait to create a memorable backdrop. But if you’re not one of those people, professional draping and uplighting will create a sophisticated look that will wow your guests.
  1. Create a fun hashtag for the party and encourage guests to use it. Print the hashtag on small pieces of colored cardstock and scatter them throughout the event. If you’re throwing a baby shower, the mom-to-be may already have one pre-selected. The same goes for milestone birthdays. And while guests may all be somewhat acquainted, they may not be following each other on Instagram. Hashtags offer an easier way for everyone to find photos on social media after the event.
  1. Send each party-goer home with a unique party favor that ties into the overall theme of your celebration. This is your final chance to make a lasting impression on everyone, so be creative and thoughtful. It doesn’t have to be a $100,000 swag bag like those provided to this year’s Oscar nominees. It could be as simple as a box of Cracker Jacks, David’s Sunflower Seeds, and Big League Chew bundled together with a bright red ribbon and keepsake “Admit One Ticket” from a sports-themed birthday party.





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