Hottest Wedding Decor Trends for the Summer

For most couples having their wedding, summer is the most popular time as the atmosphere can be warm and inviting.  Summer is also popular because everything is lush and flowers are fully bloomed. Aside from that, you can also settle in with rich colors which fit the season. Here are some of the hottest wedding decor trends for the summer.

Iron Wedding Arch

Frame your Wedding with an Iron Arch

Motif – Bright Hues. It is always fun to have bright and vibrant colors that go well together like classic blue, tangerine, and champagne. The combination of colors gives you a punchy and bold look that goes well with the summer season. It also adds an extra unpredictable posh for an excellent mix that is both refreshing and sunny. Just a bit of advice though, try to stick with no more than two colors and an accenting one, otherwise your wedding might look more like a carnival than a nuptial. Check out this site for fun color ideas.

The Cake – Simple and FlavorfulCake trends tend to be more on the presentation and less on the cake itself. Simple layouts with unique bases, detailed composition, and luxe stands will give the cake a top notch display and appearance. Though the exterior may be downplayed in their design, the interior can be full of flavor. Couples are going for unique combinations of flavors and frostings for the best gastronomic dessert.

Invitations – Unexpected DesignsSummer always will have the fun vibe to it and the best way to plan your invitations is through imaginative designs. Although, vintage and letterpress designs will always be a staple material in the market, try to think of one that will stand out among the rest. You can have a super creative invitation like a popup box or the old fashioned film-roll canister invite. This will definitely put an imprint on your guests as an ingenious keepsake for your wedding memories. Get more ideas for creative invitations.

The Flowers – Untamed WildflowersUndone bouquets, diverse mixes of blooms, or hand-tied blossoms are the obsession for summer weddings. The trend is going for different hues that compliment your motif in two colors. It is also good to merge in some greens, like seeded eucalyptus or other foliage for an added natural touch. For a garden or outdoor celebration, you can have a flower favor bar where guests can fashion their own bouquets of preferred stems to take home.

Bridal Accessories – Majestic Hair Pieces – Let go of the simple veil and go for some deliberate drama. Some disenchanted tiara and regal crowns make a superb mix between a hippie and princess. Go for complementary pieces in gold or eye-catching crystal headdresses if you want tulle along with it.

The Ring – Stacking Metals – Mix your gold wedding ring with platinum engagement ring on the same finger. Stacking metals is not a new trend but it is taking the mainstream again. It can get even better with additional stacks for special moments like anniversaries or birthdays.

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