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Preparing for a Spring Festival

March 12, 2020

Spring has always been a time to celebrate. We enjoy being able to step back outside to revel in the weather again as the atmosphere warms and are thankful that our natural surroundings are flourishing – trees and flowers budding, birds nesting, and green everywhere. The season is just perfect for a spring festival.  Spring […]

Throwing a Winter-Themed Party

February 13, 2020

During the quiet months of the new year, there are plenty of reasons to have a party. Your family may celebrate a birthday or two, and then there’s Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, and Valentine’s Day to observe.  Or you may just be in the party mood! If you’re thinking about throwing a party […]

Hosting a Corporate Gala

December 19, 2019

Your corporate gala should be an event to remember, and Grand Central Party is here to help you make it just that. Choosing a fun and unique theme is the perfect way to create a memorable event, and we can make your vision come to life by providing all the accessories you will need to […]

Choosing the Best Decor for Your Autumn Party

October 24, 2019

So you’re planning to throw a party this fall? Of course, you will want it to be a gorgeous autumnal event, and, since it’s Nashville, you know you will have an eclectic crowd— photographers, musicians, foodies, writers, tattoo artists, painters, and more. The company you keep is intriguing and unique, so you’ll want your autumn […]

Things To Consider When Planning Your Corporate Event

July 25, 2019

Maintaining a personal touch with clients and consumers in your industry is key to building relationships that last, and holding a corporate event is a great way to do just that. You will build meaningful connections, brand recognition, and loyalty through the personal interactions that occur. You’ll also be with people that you might never […]