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How to Have the Best Wedding Toasts

May 12, 2014

One great part of your wedding reception will be the toasts. This is a chance for people to get up and say how much  you mean to them, and offer their congratulations. Of course, to have the best wedding toasts, you’ll need to plan ahead. The first step is to decide who will give the […]

Ensuring You Enjoy Your Wedding

May 24, 2013

When your wedding day arrives, will you be able to step back and enjoy the day? Too many brides get wrapped up in planning and have to manage elements of their wedding day. Instead of completely enjoying the day, they end up handling logistic questions. The best way to ensure you enjoy your wedding day […]

3 Ways to Use Your Wedding Theme

April 7, 2013

If you, like many of today’s brides, have a wedding theme, you might be wondering how to work it into your wedding. Having a theme isn’t enough – you’ll also need to have some ideas about how to use that theme. Décor is probably the most obvious way to use a wedding theme. Whether you […]