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Add personality to your wedding by decorating your chairs creatively!

November 17, 2015

Your wedding is a celebration of love and commitment. But more than anything, it is a celebration of who you are as a couple. Therefore, all the elements of your wedding should be “imprinted” with your own style and personality too. How to add a bit of your personality to the wedding chairs? We have […]

Make Your Guests Comfortable: Use Lounge Furniture

October 13, 2014

If there is something every single bride wants, that is her wedding to be perfect – and not just for her and for her groom, but for the guests as well. As a bride-to-be, you will want to do everything in your means to provide your guests with the very best there is. From food […]

Making Your Wedding Truly Black Tie

June 9, 2013

Deciding that you’re having a black tie wedding can be exciting. It means that you’re asking your guests to come dressed formally, and that your wedding day will be in keeping with this type of attire. When you plan a black tie event of any type, you’ll need to take this attitude into all of […]