Tall or Short? Finding the Right Wedding Centerpieces

Centerpieces are an essential part of your wedding decor. They can reinforce your theme, show off your creativity, and even serve as a bonus favor for your guests. But creating the right sort of centerpiece really is an art.

The key to a great centerpiece is remembering that you want your guests to be able to talk while they’re sitting down for your wedding meal. This means keeping the centerpieces from blocking their view of each other. Whether you opt for a low centerpiece or a very tall centerpiece, this you should keep face level clear.


Tall centerpieces are a dramatic choice. These are great for formal wedding receptions and require a larger reception space. They will generally include flowers or feathers, but can also be created using candles and other items.

Low centerpieces are the perfect choice for more relaxed weddings. They add interest to your table and can include a variety of objects. Low centerpieces traditioanlly include flowers, but they don’t need to. They are a great project to take on if you want a DIY element to your wedding reception, too.

Choosing the perfect centerpieces for your wedding will make your reception run much more smoothly and will give your Nashville wedding the personal touch that makes it truly special. To find out more about creating the perfect table settings, from the tables themselves to the linens and glassware you use on them, give us a call today!


Photo: Flickr/nyc_xmas


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