Tech-Friendly or Tech-Phobic? How to Set Rules for Your Wedding Day

Having technology at hand is something that can be a great help for today’s bride. From wedding planning apps to carrying your inspiration with you at all times, a smartphone can be a big bonus as you prepare for your wedding. But what do you think about technology at your wedding.


The question of smartphones, especially, has become a major etiquette question. Knowing where you stand can help your guests from being out of line.

If you want a tech-free wedding, it’s important to tell your guests in advance. Many are so used to Instagraming everything that they might not even think that you wouldn’t want your wedding uploaded, too. They also might not think about how their phone will block somebody else’s view.

You can have a tech-friendly wedding, though. Give guests a suggested hashtag for wedding photos, and ask them to send their photos to you when they get home. Put reminders around your venue to keep everyone on the same page. This can be a great – and cheap – alternative to offering disposable cameras.

To find out more about setting guests straight about technology at your wedding, and to learn about all the great wedding rentals we offer for your Tennessee wedding, get in touch today.


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