Tennessee Destination Weddings: A Few Locations You Might Not Have Considered

Promising to share your life with another person is a very special event. You want the joy of the day to stand out in your memory and the memory of your partner for years to come. What better way to do that than to pick a spot for your vows that is totally unique?

We all know people who have traveled halfway around the world for their “destination wedding” and yes, the photos are astounding, as are the stories told about the event. However, not everyone has access to that type of budget. Also, some of us would prefer just a bit more simplicity. How about a lovely corner of Tennessee? Here are a few ideas just for you:

  • For the Outdoor Enthusiasts: Signal Mountain. Signal Point was used by Native Americans to send messages across the area, and the unforgettable views from the top overlook the Tennessee River Valley and Chattanooga. This location is a perfect choice for outdoor lovers and enthusiasts.
  • For the History Lovers: Cade’s Cove. Located in Smoky Mountain National Park and considered one of the most scenic places in the U.S., this spot is ideal for a small and intimate wedding. A special-use permit is required, and traffic is limited to just six cars, but wildlife abounds in the area, and restored log cabins will make for unforgettable wedding photos.
  • For the Adventurers: Cumberland Caverns. The atmosphere of a cave might not be for everyone, but spelunkers and adventurers will find this beautiful and unusual location irresistible. Do plenty of research before booking your event to make sure all the specific requirements for such an adventure are fulfilled.
  • For the Music Lovers: The Bell Tower. One of the only original Nashville structures to survive World War II in the downtown area, this venue has recently been re-furnished and updated with chandeliers. Its 1874 character has been preserved intact with the original flooring and arched windows. The bell tower itself boasts a tasting room with over one hundred bourbon, scotch, and whiskey selections, and the acoustics are top notch, in case the wedding couple is planning on inviting a band to their Music City event.

No matter where your party gets started, Grand Central Party is here to help!

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