The Benefits to Having Tents at Your Wedding Reception

There’s something truly special and memorable about an outdoor celebration of any kind, and weddings are no exception. The light and air of the outdoors are great for photos, and everyone enjoys the freshness of the atmosphere. Of course, celebrating out of doors means that the weather will be a consideration. And in Tennessee, who knows what will happen?

Planning your event in a tent will mean that your wedding and/or reception can go forward no matter what the weather is like! Durable, functional, and unique – tents are a great addition to your outdoor wedding. Some of the benefits:

  • Tents offer many playful design options to any outdoor wedding celebration space. They come in many colors in addition to the standard white and are spacious enough for seating and decorating, entertainment, and food set up.
  • The indoor elements of tents can be incorporated into the decoration scheme, such as winding greenery or themed materials around them or using them as a base for draping these design elements around your space. This eliminates the need to rent or buy foundational pieces for your decorations.
  • The entry can be crafted to become something grand and unique, with cascading draperies or vines and flowers, or perhaps surrounded and framed by potted live trees and shrubs.
  • If you are installing your tent on lawn, then the floor can remain green and grassy, or carpeting can be put down for a nomadic look with lanterns hung to complete this image. You can also consult with a professional to discuss elevating the flooring using temporary hardwood or other materials. In case of wet weather, this will be a great addition to your plans.
  • The sides of a tent can be drawn back to take advantage of sunlight or a beautiful sunset or twilight, and in Tennessee, the addition of some fireflies during the summer months can add a magical touch to your event. In case of wet weather or wind, the sides can stay down, of course, keeping your guests and wedding party dry and cozy.

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