Things To Consider When Planning Your Corporate Event

Maintaining a personal touch with clients and consumers in your industry is key to building relationships that last, and holding a corporate event is a great way to do just that. You will build meaningful connections, brand recognition, and loyalty through the personal interactions that occur. You’ll also be with people that you might never have gotten the chance to meet otherwise, which will often lead to future business relationships. Email and social media engagement will only go so far. 

Here are some things for you to consider when you’re planning your corporate event: 

  • Location, location, location. Location is one of the most important factors to the attendance at your event. Make sure that you book a venue that will be convenient to your target audience; a vibrant and exciting atmosphere helps, too. You want your attendees to feel comfortable, and you want them to be willing to make the commute. 
  • Shop local. Using local vendors for catering, music, stage setup, and sound is a great way to support the community and help the people in these trades to network and expand their businesses, too. It will also provide you with additional networking opportunities with others in the area. 
  • Know your purpose. Once you decide to host a corporate event, you want to determine exactly what is going to resonate with your target audience. Once you have set the direction for your event, you can contact potential guest speakers who are experts in your chosen industry. This will position your company as a trusted advisor, elevating you above the level of just another vendor. 
  • Make it fun. Offer your attendees the opportunity to have some fun. Being able to hear a famous speaker or band, getting to try new things, or exploring downtown nightlife – the people who come to your event will remember it for years to come if it’s memorable and entertaining. And they won’t forget who the planner and host was, either.
  • Financial planning. Hosting a corporate event is going to require a large budget, and a wise planner will be selective when deciding where to invest that budget. Spend the money on the things that matter, such as making sure the sound team and equipment are on point. It won’t matter that your event is aesthetically pleasing if the sound is terrible. If your event will be out of doors at any point, a wise choice might be to rent tents. This allows any possible weather concerns to become a non-issue. Don’t skimp on food and drinks, either. People always remember that. You want your event to foster trust for your enterprise, and giving people the best of what truly matters will definitely demonstrate that your business gets the job done, and gets it done right. 

Here at Grand Central Party, we’ve been serving Middle Tennessee for nearly 20 years, and we pride ourselves on being planning experts. We can help you plan your corporate event, and with our extensive selection of rentals – from tents and tableware to chairs and lighting – we’ll make sure that your event is a huge success!

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