Things You Need to Know about Your Wedding Venue

Every little decision in planning a wedding can be really tough. The large number of things you will have to deal with, as well as the huge number of options can all be overwhelming indeed. Picking a wedding venue is one of the first steps in planning a dream wedding – and it should be carefully considered, especially since it will “dictate” many of the future decisions as well. Which are the things you absolutely have to know about your wedding venue? Here they are:


  • How many guests can it accommodate? This is one of the first questions to ask because you want to make sure that your venue can really “hold” as many guests as you need it to. However, make sure you don’t fall into extremes and that you don’t choose a very large venue for a small wedding party – it will be costly and it will feel very much like an “empty room”.
  • Do they provide catering or can they help you with recommending some wedding vendors? If you want to go the “hassle-free way”, pick a wedding venue that includes catering and maybe even other services too (such as lightning, flower arrangements and so on).
  • If they do provide catering and/or other services, are you allowed to bring someone “from the outside”? For instance, if you have worked with a particular caterer before and you really like their services, can you bring them to your wedding venue even if they already provide their clients with catering?
  • Will they provide you with glassware, cutlery and other similar items? Will they provide you with chairs and tables? Even more, will they provide you with a tent to “accommodate” your guests for an outdoor wedding in case it rains? Some of these things are sometimes taken for granted, but not all venues provide them and it’s definitely important to ask.

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