Tips for Planning the Perfect Outdoor Family Reunion

There’s just something special and memorable about an outdoor party. Enjoying the ones you love in the beauty of a natural setting brings the event to a whole new level, and the photos of the day will, of course, be fantastic. That is, if the weather cooperates.

Here at Grand Central Party, we are all about planning the perfect event. and we know that when you plan an outdoor soiree for your Nashville event, you will have challenges that threaten its success. You could just move the whole shindig indoors, but where’s the fun in that? Let’s talk about some ways you can protect your outdoor gathering; here are some tips for planning the perfect outdoor family reunion:

  • Weather. Before you plan your outdoor reunion, do everything you can to know what kind of weather you could possibly be facing. If your loved ones are traveling distances to attend, it would be a shame to have your party ruined just because of a little weather. Research the yearly trends and pay attention to unusual weather events that may have happened in the last decade or so in order to be prepared for the very worst.
  • Tents. Using tents either as a backup or as the main base for your celebration is always a good idea since they can protect against sun, rain, wind, sleet, dust, and mosquitoes, and a host of other bothersome outdoor-related things. Rental tents can include sides that are made to be pulled up so that the inhabitants can enjoy all that a natural setting can offer, and many are made of clear materials so that everyone can see the surroundings, even when it might not be great to be out in them.
  • Seating. Take into account the ages of all the attendees, and order enough chair rentals to go around. High chairs can be included for those with small ones, and you can even have couches and loveseats brought in for a casual, desert gypsy vibe. If there will be a catering team, some seating for them to use to rest their feet is a nice touch. Placing your seating in intimate configurations that encourage conversation will help everyone catch up as they reconnect with loved ones they haven’t seen for a while and will be a great touch that ensures your reunion party is one to remember.
  • Lighting. When hosting an evening party, use your imagination for lighting. Sometimes it’s about more than just being able to see. Will there be music and dancing? Make sure your lighting fits the mood, and that your DJ or musicians will be able to see what they are doing. Also, take into account the foot traffic and the safety of the party goers. You can also light up paths and under trees for a gorgeous look.

Here at Grand Central Party, we love a great celebration. Let us help you plan the perfect outdoor family reunion!

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