Tips for Throwing an Outdoor Party in the Fall

Outdoor entertaining is something most of us do during the summer, but what about during the fall? Think about it—cooler weather (perfect for a cozy fire), fewer insects, and less conflict with your guests’ vacation plans. If you want to throw a party, we’ve got some great tips to help you plan the perfect outdoor autumn bash:

Lights. It will be getting darker earlier, so you’ll want to figure out a lighting solution before your event. Even if your party starts earlier in the day, an event where people are truly enjoying themselves will often go into the evening hours. That’s a compliment to you as the host! Be ready to party at any hour using string lights, Mason-style jar luminaries, and other lighting solutions that will light up your night. 

Fire. Sitting around a fire during autumn is one of the best things about the season. It’s also one of our favorite fall party ideas, since it hits all the high points—warmth, light, and atmosphere—all must-haves at any get-together.

Drinks. Every party can be enlivened by a signature drink, so spend some time creating fun beverages that will be unique for your event. Hot toddys are always popular, as well as anything involving apples. Scotch is also a great drink for fall weather. 

Games. Your party may be a family-friendly event, and if that’s the case, having games that kids can play will be a must-have. (Although honestly, most adults will love to jump into a game of cornhole themselves). Lawn croquet is tons of fun, and a scavenger hunt can be extremely entertaining for guests of all ages. A pumpkin-carving contest might be a good idea for your crowd, or if you don’t want to see your crew wielding knives, you can decorate pumpkins instead!

Treats. Nighttime, party, fire, friends, family, S’Mores. They all go together, right? Make sure that your party includes DIY treats like ice cream sundaes, cookies to decorate, or those awesome S’Mores to put together. Treats add an extra bit of fun, as well as connecting and bonding, which is really at the heart of any memorable party. 

Food. You know your crew, so give them what they love. Whether it’s burgers or tacos, barbecue or pizza—make it fun by providing a grill. Ask folks to bring their favorite meats or veggies to throw on—it will be a party with food to remember. Don’t forget local offerings, such as cheeses, bread, honey, and other area specialties. 

Gourds. Use gourds in all your decorating, especially the beloved pumpkin. Having big ones, little ones, and unique versions will make for a special atmosphere for your event.

Tents. The weather during the fall is beautiful, but it can get a bit chilly and wet. Be ready for anything with a tent for your event. You can set up food and dining tables indoors in case the party needs to move, and you’ll be covered no matter what happens. 

Here at Grand Central Party, we have a huge selection of tents perfect for any soiree. We also carry plates, silverware, chairs and tables, and many other items that can help elevate your get-together from a plain old party to an event that will be remembered by all attendees for many years to come. Call us, and let’s get this party started!


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