Top DIY Projects for Your Nashville Wedding

Your wedding day is going to be special to both you, your partner and all your loved ones, just because it’s your day! It will also be a day that will be captured forever in both memories and photos, so you will want it to be unique to you and your partner in every way possible. One way to create a wedding day that fits you perfectly is to…..Do It Yourself!

It’s all the rage these days to DIY because it gives you complete control over every aspect of your celebration or party, if you want it, and it allows you to express exactly who you are in many ways. Maybe you and your partner are movie buffs or Comic-Con addicts; planning your wedding around your very most favorite characters will be such fun, and something only a true fan could do correctly! Or maybe you are history buffs and it’s always been a dream of yours to have a wedding that is straight out of medieval times – you are the expert, so you can make it happen in a way that no one else could.

Here are some top DIY project ideas for your Nashville wedding that can help inspire you.

  • SAVE THE DATE/INVITATIONS. To announce the big day, you can come up with unique and personal save-the-date creations that fit your theme. Coasters, fridge magnets, or cards that you have made yourself with lifetime photos of you and your partner will become keepsakes for the invitees.
  • FLOWERS. Nashville is all about using local resources, so using some Tennessee wildflowers could be the perfect touch. Pick them the day before, either out in the country or at a local flower farm, keep them in buckets of water overnight, and tie them together with twine a few hours before the ceremony starts.
  • WEDDING FAVORS. The sky’s the limit here when it comes to your wedding favors. You can give everything from homemade candles in scents that match your theme to locally produced soaps and honeys. If you are artistic, you can create pieces for each of your guests that express your talent and love, such as tiny canvases complete with their own easel, for example.
  • CAKE. Does it have to be cake? Cupcakes, macarons, and cookies are sweet substitutes these days, and a tasteful tower of these treats can make for amazing photos. Do you have a precious family recipe that you would love to share on this most special of all days? You can bake your chosen dessert in advance and refrigerate or freeze according to directions ahead of the scheduled day.

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