Top Winter Trends for Your Wedding Reception

The past few wedding seasons have seen a proliferation of pastels and romantic vibes, but there are a couple of new trends happening now: bohemian and New Age. These two styles are looking to replace the rustic barn trend of the last two years or so, and things are going to be a lot more relaxed. Color schemes are no longer important with couples leaning more towards a vibe or a mood with richer textures and deeper colors and less towards actual theming. Burgundy is being seen again, and edgy black accents are a thing, too. We are seeing velvet these days, as well! For bohemian, think trendy 20th century artist or writer – someone who is unconventional, creative and informal. For the New Age vibe, consider ancient religious spaces, a vibe that incorporates the unity of many peoples and cultures.

The reception venue trend is moving towards industrial spaces, both old and new, in keeping with the current concern and sensitivity for the environment by making use of what we already have, and this can be the case for your Nashville event. There is a relaxed, blank slate feel to these spaces just as barns allowed, but with an edge that says 2018. Today’s wedding couples want their celebrations to be personal and unique, but also comfortable, and an industrial space is all those things. It will provide protection from the weather and lend a great look to the photos!

When it comes to the dessert table, quirky is always best. Cupcakes and donuts have been around for a while, but let’s invite the cookies and the cheesecake to join in! Or maybe a table of family heirloom recipes, or sweet offerings from your country of origin…in keeping with current trends, do what comes naturally and what fits the mood of your celebration.

The food you serve will underscore the vibe of your event. If you are going with the multicultural style party, then your food offerings should reflect that! Food trucks? Having a few that serve meals from other parts of the world would be a great touch. Are you thinking about a bohemian gathering in Paris at midnight? Contact a French restaurant or caterer and see what they can come up with. Dreaming of the New York of the mid 20th century, complete with poets and jazz geniuses? Do a bit of research and see if a menu can be created that would bring that era to the table!

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